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A+ Summer Middle School

Education Unlimited - A+ Summer Middle School

A+ Summer Middle School immerses rising 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in an environment that encourages advanced thinking, creative problem solving, and a lifelong love of learning. For six days, students will explore their potential as inventors, detectives, and strategists. Interdisciplinary classes will strengthen students’ talents in reading, writing, math, and science, while pushing them to employ these skills in new and imaginative ways.

Every morning students will participate in a tournament of minds to get them warmed up for the day. They will complete brain benders, physical challenges, and trust exercises that will require students to demonstrate critical thinking and teamwork.

Students spend the rest of their day in a major track. A+ Middle School attendees will select one of two tracks: Future Studies or Mystery Summer.

Track 1: Future Studies (Offered at Stanford)

What will the world look like in 100 years? 1,000 years? Will it be a perfect place with a harmonious society, or will it be a barren landscape, rife with corruption? For forward thinking students ready to build their vision of a new world, the Future Studies track is an opportunity to think creatively and practically about today’s dilemmas and tomorrow’s possibilities.

In this track, students will invent useful objects for the future. They will learn how to think like an inventor, draw up a project proposal, and test and modify their inventions. From homes to chores, participants will update common objects and tasks to make them future-friendly. Moreover, students will learn about significant inventors in history, and they may even have the opportunity to meet with contemporary inventors!

Students will also read notable “authors of the future”, such as HG Wells, Ray Bradbury, and Mary Shelly, while asking the central question, what does a vision of the future have to do with the present? Students will learn advanced principles of effective storytelling, as they build their own out-of-this world settings, round and extraordinary characters, and clear, original narratives.

Track 2: Mystery Summer (Offered at Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley and Georgetown)

Conspiracies! Crime! Murder! Theft! In the Mysteries track, students will become gumshoe readers and first-rate sleuths. They will learn to identify fallacies of reasoning, distinguish between evidence and inference, and detect clues and hints. Students will read mystery masters, such as Edgar Allen Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in addition to more contemporary writers of detective fiction.

Students will also learn the basics of crime scene forensics in a class that employs deductive logic as a way to piece together evidence to identify a culprit. In one week, students will learn about code breaking, fingerprinting, blood examination, and ink and handwriting analysis. Armed with a detective’s most significant tools- the skillful power to pose leading questions, the principles of deductive thinking, and the ability to magnify deceptively insignificant details, students will break codes, take prints, and analyze the evidence in order to solve a final camp-wide mystery.

From the perfect crime to the clue that unravels the entire plot, writing a detective story is one of the best exercises for young writers because it requires thoughtful plot development and meticulous story mapping. With the help of topnotch writing instructors, students will author their own slice of detective fiction for fellow students to solve in a final reading that will have everyone trying to figure out “Who Dunnit?”

A+ Middle School is designed for students who are already excelling in school. While there is no minimum GPA requirement for the program, students who are already achieving a 3.0 GPA (or equivalent) will be best prepared for success in the A+ program.

We recommend that returning A+ Middle campers select a different track if they wish to limit curriculum overlap.

Camp Location Start Date End Date
A+ Summer Middle School Georgetown University Sun, Jul 16, 17 Fri, Jul 21, 17
A+ Summer Middle School UCLA Sun, Jul 23, 17 Fri, Jul 28, 17
A+ Summer Middle School Stanford University Sun, Aug 6, 17 Fri, Aug 11, 17
A+ Summer Middle School UC Berkeley Sun, Jul 9, 17 Fri, Jul 14, 17

"[The staff members] were practically perfect in every way... This was my first sleepover camp and I loved it." –Kenza Farington, A+ Middle School Camper

"Mysteries was amazing. I loved it! I would do it again next year. The activities are sooo fun." –Hyunji Do, A+ Middle School Camper

“The staff was excellent. I was surprised by the qualifications of each staff member. They were really friendly and professional.” –Gigi Wilson-Butler, Repeat A+ Middle School Parent

"It is a great experience for all ages to stay at a college and learn about different things and meet cool people!" –A+ Middle School Camper

“The staff was exceptional- each and every one...bright, enthusiastic, upbeat and their love of children was obvious” –Joanne Alex, A+ Middle School Parent

A+ Summer Middle School - Staff Profiles

Staff are typically subject matter experts and experienced teachers. Staff assignments vary by program and all staff are held to the highest possible standards. Some of our recent staff members for this program include:

Education Unlimited - Shelby  Dale DeWeese (Instructor)

Shelby Dale DeWeese — Instructor

Shelby Dale DeWeese grew up on a farm in western Kentucky, but always knew she was a city dweller at heart. At the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, she was a Trustee and Dornsife Scholar and...

Education Unlimited - Amanda DeDiego, PhD (Instructor )

Amanda DeDiego, PhD — Instructor

Amanda DeDiego is returning for her fourth year teaching with EU camps....

Education Unlimited - Carlina Duan (Instructor)

Carlina Duan — Instructor

Carlina Duan hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she earned her B.A. from the University of Michigan in English and Creative Writing in 2015. As a Fulbright grant recipient, she lived and taught in Malaysia...

Education Unlimited - Harrison Foster (Instructor)

Harrison Foster — Instructor

Harrison is from LA and has a B.A. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley. He's been a tutor for five years, and specializes in test prepation such as for the SAT and ACT. He's also taught many large groups of students over the years.  


Education Unlimited - Eva Gordon, MFA (Instructor)

Eva Gordon, MFA — Instructor

Eva Gordon holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University, and will be graduating in August with her M.A. in English Literature from Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus. She has taught ESL at the...

Education Unlimited - Michael Kroesche, MFA (Instructor)

Michael Kroesche, MFA — Instructor

Michael Kroesche was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but has lived and...

Education Unlimited - Diana Khoi Nguyen, MFA (Instructor)

Diana Khoi Nguyen, MFA — Instructor

Diana Khoi Nguyen has poems appearing or forthcoming in Poetry, American Poetry Review, PEN America, The Iowa Review, Denver Quarterly, and Gulf Coast, among others. She received an MFA in creative writing...

Education Unlimited - Victoria Obenchain, MS (Instructor)

Victoria Obenchain, MS — Instructor

Vickie Obenchain has been teaching for Education Unlimited for the past 8 summers, teaching at both the Science Camp for Girls program and also the A+ Middle School program. She has two degrees in...

Education Unlimited - Adeline Tran, PhD (Instructor)

Adeline Tran, PhD — Instructor

Adeline received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley, where she studied British, American, and French detective fiction and film noir. She has taught literature and writing at UC Berkeley,...

Education Unlimited - Ian Walters (Instructor)

Ian Walters — Instructor

Ian Walters is a 6th grade History and Science teacher at The Head Royce School in Oakland. He received his B.A. in English from U.C. Davis in 2011 with an emphasis in Critical Theory. During that time, he...

Education Unlimited - Daniel Williams, MFA (Lead Instructor)

Daniel Williams, MFA — Lead Instructor

Daniel was born in Texas. He holds a BSFS in Arab Culture and Politics from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service and an MFA in Fiction from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In addition to teaching...

We will continue to add additional staff members as enrollment and availability dictate. Details are posted on additional staff members as they are confirmed.

Upcoming Sessions
* Tentative and Subject to Change

Session Grade Location Price Range  
Jun 25th - Jun 30th 6th - 8th Stanford University $1,870.00 – $2,495.00
Jul 9th - Jul 14th 6th - 8th UC Berkeley $1,870.00 – $2,495.00
Jul 16th - Jul 21st 6th - 8th Georgetown University $1,870.00 – $2,495.00
Jul 23rd - Jul 28th 6th - 8th UCLA $1,870.00 – $2,495.00
Aug 6th - Aug 11th 6th - 8th Stanford University $1,870.00 – $2,495.00