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Nadia Hallaj

Education Unlimited - Nadia Hallaj (Counselor)

Nadia Hallaj — Counselor

Nadia Hallaj is a recent graduate from Tufts University in Boston, MA, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering.  She has her sights set on work in a biomedical engineering lab before going back to graduate school to study pharmaceutical technology. During her time at Tufts, Nadia worked for a pharmaceutical startup in the Boston area and for the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University.  In addition, she worked on the center’s engineering-based summer camps, maker space, and traveled to local elementary schools to implement her own STEM-based curricula.

Nadia would likely not have an engineering degree if it weren’t for her interactions with such strong female engineering role models growing up. With this in mind, she hopes to serve as a resource to younger students interested in STEM fields, and to give them the confidence and support they need to reach their goals. Nadia believes that lifelong learning is paired with creativity; she aims to give her students the tools and guidance they need to succeed while leaving them room to independently come to conclusions and make their work their own through hands-on activities and projects.

In her spare time, Nadia coaches figure skating lessons, and enjoys tinkering with her 3D printer, playing around with HTML, and hanging out with her cats, Kitty and Fuzzy.