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Lauren Patrick

Education Unlimited - Lauren Patrick (Instructor)

Lauren Patrick — Instructor

Lauren is currently a PhD student at Yale University in the Neuroscience area of Psychology. Prior to this she gained a strong foundation in neuroscience during her undergraduate degree at Washington University in St Louis.

She has spent the past five years working in a variety of cognitive neuroscience labs at Washington University, Duke University and Yale University. She has been the president of the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology club at Washington University and has mentored undergraduate students at Yale. She’s also been an environmental science instructor for approximately 30 boy scouts who were attending a Merit Badge University on the Washington University campus. 

She believes that serving as a role model for future scientists is one of the most rewarding pursuits and our Education Unlimited programs are the perfect opportunity to inspire young teens to actively pursue STEM coursework and research in high school and beyond. We’re excited to have Lauren return for her second summer with Education Unlimited.