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Annie Nguyen

Education Unlimited - Annie Nguyen (Instructor)

Annie Nguyen — Instructor

Annie T. Nguyen is a graduate of UC San Diego. In 2011 she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, with minors in Science Education and History. She is also an alumna of Phi Sigma Rho, a national Greek organization for women in science and engineering. While an undergraduate, Annie worked with various campus organizations to advocate for campus and surrounding habitat ecology through natural history tours and publications. She is primarily trained as an insect ecologist but has an immense appreciation for all areas of science. Her philosophy on teaching bears that “Science is all around us—anyone has the capacity to recognize and utilize it, it is just a matter of knowing where to start.” 

In 2012, Annie completed her science credential and earned a Master of Education degree from UC San Diego. Since then, she has been a chemistry and environmental science teacher at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, CA. Aside from science, her interests in education include social equity for students of ethnic minority backgrounds and advocacy of young women in the sciences.  Additionally, she is an active ally of the LGBT community. Ms. Nguyen is excited to join us as the Director for the Sally Ride Science Camp at UC San Diego!.

In her rare and spare time, Annie enjoys the study, science, exploration, making and consumption of food from all over the world. Cooking for others is her favorite way of expressing love.