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Coed Science Camps

Our overnight science camps offer rising 5th-10th graders with a passion for science the opportunity to live, learn and make lifelong friends on the campuses of UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UCLA, Georgetown and Stanford.  These programs feature a 5 night, 6 day schedule, with activities scheduled from approximately 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Students participate in morning labs tailored to a science major of their choice, afternoon enrichment activities for informal science learning and recreation, and a wide variety of evening activities and games. 

Offered at camps for 5th - 8th grade

  • Marine Biology: Students will investigate animal adaptations in a creative creature project, explore marine phyla, dissect a fish, and create an “oil spill” to see how human actions impact the planet.
  • Astronomy: Students will simulate the Big Bang theory, study the surface of the sun and measure its diameter, explore light diffraction and build their own water rockets!
Offered at camps for 8th - 10th grade 
  • Neuroanatomy: In this major, students will learn the anatomy and physiology of various systems in the brain and apply what they know to fictitious neurological patients. Specifically, instruction will focus on the cerebral cortex, various sub-cortical structures, the visual system, somatosensory system, and the motor system in the brain and spinal cord. The culminating event on Friday will be a case studies test where you will act like neurologists to predict where a lesion in the brain or spinal cord is in a person. They will also act like neuroradiologists in order to predict the symptoms and prognosis of patients with particular nervous system lesions.
  • Robotics: Students will explore the emerging science of robot mechanics by building a robot from scratch, remotely controling it, experimenting with light and pressure sensors, creating drive trains for varying terrains and playing robotic sports.  
Enrichment Activities in the afternoons and evenings give students an opportunity for informal science learning, as well as leadership and problem-solving training, through workshops, experiments, guest speakers, and recreational activities. Students will also attend a mid-program excursion to a local science venue.
*Activities listed are examples of typical activities and are subject to change. 
The Staff at our science camps is made up of a fantastic group of role models who are teaching and/or studying science and are excited to share their passion with our campers.
Location Start Date End Date Grades Majors
Stanford Mon., July 3 Fri., July 7 6 - 8 Astronomy & Marine Science
Stanford Sun., July 9 Sat., July 15 9 - 10 Neuroanatomy & Robotics
UC Berkeley Sun., July 9 Fri., July 14 6 - 8 Astronomy & Marine Science
UC San Diego Sun., July 16 Fri., July 21 6 - 8  Astronomy & Marine Science
Georgetown Sun., July 23 Sat., July 29 6 - 8 Astronomy & Marine Science
Georgetwon Sun., July 23 Sat., July 29 9 - 10 Neuroanatomy & Robotics
UCLA Sun., July 23 Fri., July 28 6 - 8 Astronomy & Marine Science
MIT Mon., July 31 Fri., August 4 9 - 10 Neuroanatomy & Robotics
UCLA Sun., August 6 Sat., August 12 9 - 10 Neuroanatomy & Robotics


Coed Science Camps - Staff Profiles

Staff are typically subject matter experts and experienced teachers. Staff assignments vary by program and all staff are held to the highest possible standards. Some of our recent staff members for this program include:

Education Unlimited - Macara Nicoll (Camp Director)

Macara Nicoll — Camp Director

Macara, an avid lover of acapella music and education, is thrilled to find herself for another summer with Education Unlimited. She, a UC Berkeley graduate and a CSU Sacramento graduate student, has an incredible passion for education and learning. Her work in graduate school will culminate in the awarding of her Masters in School Counseling,...

Education Unlimited - Jacqueline  Acres, MS (Instructor)

Jacqueline Acres, MS — Instructor

Jackie Acres will be returning to lead our Robotics program at Stanford University this year.  She received very positive feedback from both students and parents last year.  They felt her subject matter knowledge was outstanding and that she was both a great support and role model for the girls. 

Education Unlimited - Paola Odriozola (Instructor)

Paola Odriozola — Instructor

Paola grew up in Mexico and moved to the Bay area for college. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology in 2013, after which she worked as a research assistant in a neuroscience lab at...

We will continue to add additional staff members as enrollment and availability dictate. Details are posted on additional staff members as they are confirmed.

Upcoming Sessions
* Tentative and Subject to Change

Session Grade Location Price Range  
Jul 2nd - Jul 8th 6th-8th Stanford University $1,610.00 – $2,250.00
Jul 9th - Jul 14th 6th - 8th Berkeley Camp Location: UC Berkeley $1,510.00 – $2,150.00
Jul 9th - Jul 15th 9th & 10th Stanford University $2,425.00 – $2,850.00
Jul 16th - Jul 21st 5th - 8th San Diego Camp Location: UC San Diego $1,510.00 – $2,150.00
Jul 23rd - Jul 28th 6th - 8th Los Angeles Camp Location: UCLA $1,510.00 – $2,150.00
Jul 23rd - Jul 29th 9th - 10th Georgetown University $2,425.00 – $2,850.00
Jul 31st - Aug 4th 9th - 10th Massachusetts Institute of Technology Day Camper: $1,250.00
Aug 6th - Aug 12th 9th - 10th Los Angeles Camp Location: UCLA $2,425.00 – $2,850.00