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Prep Camp Excel (TM)

Prep Camp ExcelTM is for motivated rising 9th and 10th grade students seeking to excel in high school so that when college application time rolls around, they have attained the best possible GPA, resume, and course of study. This seven-day camp offers students exposure to many of the same principles that older students get at College Admission Prep Camp in a similarly relaxed and fun atmosphere. Prep Camp Excel uses a three-pronged curriculum to promote high school success, including courses in Essay Writing, PSAT Prep, and Study Skills.

Essay Writing Writing competent essays is not only critical to getting good grades, but it is also one of the most important skills a student can take away from high school. Unfortunately, the kind of one-on-one instruction necessary in learning to write well is rarely available in schools. At Prep Camp Excel, students have the opportunity to work individually with experienced, first-rate teachers. Each student will bring home one of the best essays he or she has ever written, and most importantly, will have gained the knowledge of how to write more outstanding essays for the new school year!

PSAT Prep and Test Taking Training The PSAT is a crucial test for college recruiting as well as for the National Merit Scholarship contest, yet most students go into the exam with little or no preparation. Excel campers will take two full PSAT exams over the course of the week. Our exclusive curriculum teaches math, grammar and vocabulary building skills, which not only prove invaluable for the PSAT but also for Math and English classes in high school. The two-year average PSAT score improvement of Prep Camp Excel students, measured by entrance and exit exams, is 16.2 points- the equivalent of 162 points on the SAT!

Study Skills Good students know that success in high school is not just about how much you know but about how you organize, display and use that knowledge. Our instructors will work with students in important areas that are often overlooked in the high school curriculum: high school planning, presentation skills, time management, and notetaking.

Life On and Off Campus Planned recreational excursions allow students to experience local attractions, and on-campus evening and afternoon activities balance the academic day. Living in the dorms together encourages students to build close friendships that last through high school and beyond.

Start Date
End Date
 UC Berkeley
 Sun, Jun 17, 18
 Sat, Jun 23, 18
 9th - 10th
 Tufts University
 Sun, Jul 8, 18
 Sat, Jul 14, 18 
 9th - 10th
 Sun, Jul 22, 18
 Sat, Jul 28, 18
 9th - 10th
 Georgetown University
 Sun, Jul 29, 18
 Sat, Aug 4, 18
9th - 10th

“I was really pleased with how dramatically my PSAT scores changed.” — Riley McCoon
"It was very laid back, but we still did everything we needed to do. It was a very good environment to learn in."  Natalie Peterson

"(The writing teacher, Pam) reviewed our papers and gave us feedback as if we were adults, which really helped to develop our strength in paper writing." — Jennifer Chan

“I would definitely recommend this camp to other students because the curriculum is exceptional, and because it is a great opportunity to meet some really fantastic kids.”  Kristin Lee

Prep Camp Excel (TM) - Staff Profiles

Staff are typically subject matter experts and experienced teachers. Staff assignments vary by program and all staff are held to the highest possible standards. Some of our recent staff members for this program include:

Education Unlimited - Wendy Chamorrow (Instructor)

Wendy Chamorrow — Instructor

Wendy graduated from the University of California Riverside in 2012 with a BA degree in Sociology and Human Resources. She also served in the 2012-2013 City Year New York AmeriCorps, where she worked in...

Education Unlimited - Harrison Foster (Instructor)

Harrison Foster — Instructor

Harrison is from LA and has a B.A. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley. He's been a tutor for five years, and specializes in test prepation such as for the SAT and ACT. He's also taught many large groups of students over the years.  


Education Unlimited - Claire O'Connor, MFA (Instructor)

Claire O'Connor, MFA — Instructor

Born and raised in California, Claire O'Connor is doing her best to travel the world. She loves scuba diving, eating spicy food, and meeting new people. She spent the last two years exploring Mayan temples in Mexico, building bridges in Malaysia, and working with students with special needs in South Africa. Next year she will have to adapt to a...

Education Unlimited - Oishee Shemontee (Instructor & Counselor)

Oishee Shemontee — Instructor & Counselor

An avid fan of all things science and science fiction, Oishee Shemontee decided to pursue both her twin loves of science and literature by obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Biology, as well as a minor in English, from the University of California, Irvine. She was part of a research team at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and...

Education Unlimited - Emma Wood, MFA (Instructor)

Emma Wood, MFA — Instructor

Originally from New York City, Emma Wood holds a BA in Russian History and Literature from Harvard University, from where she graduated summa cum laude, and an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. At Iowa, she taught literature and creative writing to undergraduates. She’s currently editor of Stone Soup, the children's literary...

We will continue to add additional staff members as enrollment and availability dictate. Details are posted on additional staff members as they are confirmed.

Upcoming Sessions
* Tentative and Subject to Change

Session Grade Location Price Range  
Jun 17th - Jun 23rd 9th - 10th UC Berkeley $2,485.00 – $2,965.00
Jul 8th - Jul 14th 9th - 10th Tufts University $2,485.00 – $2,965.00
Jul 22nd - Jul 28th 9th - 10th UCLA $2,485.00 – $2,965.00
Jul 29th - Aug 4th 9th - 10th Georgetown University $2,485.00 – $2,965.00